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 Rules of Wolves Forever Roleplay

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PostSubject: Rules of Wolves Forever Roleplay   Wed Jun 14, 2017 12:14 pm

We all know rules are boring, but they are what make this site this site. So if you do not follow them, the following punishments may be given out.
-1 Warning
-2 Warnings
-24 hour Ban
-48 Hour ban
-168 Hour ban
-Full ban and Ip ban

We do not wish to do this to our lovely members, but sometimes we will have to.

______________________Roleplay Rules____________________________-

You may make as many characters as you wish, however make sure you can handle the amount.

Please no swearing in roleplay. 'Bison Dung' Is fine, but no human swearing.

You must post at least two sentences in a roleplay. This does not include 'Blue smiled. He then wagged his tail.' This, along with continuous roleplaying of a single event is considered spam and will be dealt with if not stopped.

Please do not make OP characters, they are not fun to rp with.

When creating a audition, it will be bumped three times before deletion. Also, non roleplayed wolves will be deleted. This is to ensure cleanness and also to stop clogging of topics.

__________________________Chatbox Rules_____________________________

Please do not post extra links or pictures into the chat unless they are to do with the roleplay. This is to stop lag and will really help the members.

Please do not swear on this site. However, the swear words have been censored so have some fun with some of them Smile Just don't go overboard.


.:My wolves:.

Pack of Frozen Peaks: Storm(Alpha),
Pack of Whispering Willows: Thunder(Lead warrior),
Pack of Singing Winds: Lynn(Healer),
Pack of Large Trees: Willow(Beta Female),

Hi there! I am Littlelily, the main admin of this site! If you ever need anything, PM me! I am a kind, mischievous and immature person, but I act my age sometimes. My friends are the people on my site, so if you are on this site, you are my friend.

Last edited by Daniel Howell on Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:53 am; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : you spelt censored wrong (edit; consorted to censored))
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Rules of Wolves Forever Roleplay
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