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 POWW : Darby Meadow

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PostSubject: POWW : Darby Meadow   Wed Feb 01, 2017 11:56 am

The Darby Meadow
Territory of :
The pack of Whispering Willows

Landmark is :
A large meadow with a large stream running through it and branching off into a pond.

Name Meaning :
Darby is Nordic for A area where Deer come to

Reason for name :
The place was named after the large number of deer that seem to come here every Spring and Summer, and leave every  Fall and Winter.

Description :
A large meadow with a creek running though and a pond. It has high grass, perfect for hiding and hunting in to stalk down the large groups of deer that come here in the warm seasons. The forest borders and surrounds it.
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POWW : Darby Meadow
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