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 :{+ Kallik - Water pack's Alpha Male +}:

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Second In Command!
Second In Command!

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PostSubject: :{+ Kallik - Water pack's Alpha Male +}:   Tue Dec 13, 2016 11:44 pm

.:{+ Kallik +}:.
:{+ Four Years / Two months +}:
:{+ Male +}:
:{+ Water Pack +}:
:{+ Alpha +}:
Kallik is a kind wolf, who isn't afraid to bare his teeth. He is usually happy, but if there's a fight he won't back down. He thinks that every wolf in the pack should be respected. He isn't fond of outsiders, or Mountain Pack wolves.

Kallik is a black wolf, with a white/pale underbelly. His tail is long, and his fur is too. His front paws are black, and his eyes are such a deep amber that even in sunlight they look red. He has three long bird-feathers tied around his neck lightly, but firmly (You see why in hostory). His claws are long, and his teeth are sharp. He has long scars on his legs, back, muzzle, and his eye. Short scars on his paws, tail, and nicks in his ears.

:{+ Likes + Dislikes +}:
Food, feathers, snow, ground, water, warmth, swimming, food, his pack, being alpha, food, darkness(Lighting), and did I mention food?
Mountain Pack,on-going conversations, suspense, tension, being hungry, when wolves do not follow orders, and scars.
:{+ Family +}:
: Mother | Tulip | Deceased | Died in combat :
: Father | Zuko | Deceased | Died in combat :
: Sister | Feather | Alive | Well | Lives with the humans :
: Mate | ??? | Alive | Well | @Spottedleaf :

When Kallik was born, he was born to his sister, and parents. He loved his family, and later while he was in training, he and his sister were taken away by human. He stayed in their den for a few daws, before he escaped after he failed at persuading his sister to go with him. He wasn't able to get the feather collar off him, so he just left it. Later, he became beta, and soon leader when the old alpha died of old age.

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PostSubject: Re: :{+ Kallik - Water pack's Alpha Male +}:   Wed Dec 14, 2016 12:28 am

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:{+ Kallik - Water pack's Alpha Male +}:
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